The Honey Heist

PussyKat and Linda Sweet are in a roleplay mood in today’s lesbian video. With her big gun, PussyKat is a notorious bank robber in the Old West and Linda is the rancher’s daughter she grabbed at the First National as a captive during her latest heist. Back at her barn hideout, PussyKat doesn’t have to use force to get Linda to return her affections. These two European pornstars open up their halter tops to suck on their titties and then lower their cut-offs for some tasty girls-eating-pussy action! The girls roll around and finger their pies and Linda even laps at PussyKat ‘s asshole too! Sixty-nine and French tongue-kissing action complete the picture as this turns into a heist where PussyKat ends up with more honey than dollars, but that’s okay!

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