Make Me Your Slave

In today’s roleplay, Lindsey Olsen plays a girl who loves to do dirty things, but loves to feel submissive as she does them. She likes to be submissive to her partner, and she wants to be told to do naughty things. To this end, she’s invited Mistress PussyKat to take charge of her kinky needs, as you’ll see in this action-packed fetish XXX video. The friendly chit-chat and glass of champagne make Lindsey comfortable (it’s always nerve-wracking for a sub meeting a new dominatrix), but soon the tide turns, as the gorgeous goddess forces Lindsey to drink the champagne at a humiliating pace, then smacks her thighs and even her tongue with a riding crop. It doesn’t take long before Lindsey’s on her knees sucking on Mistress PussyKat’s thumb, licking her shoes, having her eyesight obscured with a black lace blindfold, and then getting her butt whipped as her clothes come off. The domination continues as the glass handle of the whip is crammed into Lindsey’s shaved pussy and then her asshole, as she’s arranged on the couch for spanking. Ultimately, Lindsey is made to crawl as the Asian beauty stands with her high heel on the Olsen ass, claiming her as her property!

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