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Geisha Go Anal

When you visit a geisha like the very hot PussyKat, absolutely all your needs will be met. Get a sweet dedicated foreplay experience that includes deep blowjobs, footjobs and tittyfucking. But mostly, you should remember, just because her name is Pussy, doesn’t mean that’s the only hole available for you. Dig into some great Asian anal sex and watch her gaping butthole in virtual reality as you come all over her ass cheeks! (Video duration: 40 minutes)

Geisha Go Anal

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Dance lesson

When PussyKat shows his hushband her new dance, she will do just about anything to make him like it. And anything, here, means only one thing, sex on the floor (you know, you’ve never lived if you didn’t fuck on the floor). So, turn your headset on and prepare yourself to all kinds of naughty stuff, footjob, titsjob, handjob, blowjob, cowboy, anal sex… And this dance will not stop until he cums inside PussyKat‘s ass, perfect end for perfect dance. Enjoy this VR porn scene in 180 degrees FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift!

Dance lesson starring PussyKat

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Boldest Bare Foot Worship

Anissa Kate and PussyKat, both from France, are at their boldest best in their new exclusive Full HD foot fetish XXX video! Gorgeous and leggy in their high heels, they quickly get into the foot worship with Anissa giving PussyKat some luscious toe sucking on those red-pedicured pretties. PussyKat feeds her feet to Anissa, wiggling her toes and then glomming on Anissa’s deep purple polished piggies herself…

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The XXXcellent Assistant

Who wouldn’t want an assistant like PussyKat? She’s hot to look at in her little black dress and black skyscraper high heel pumps, and she knows how to take care of her boss, first with a little massage, then with some dick-sucking and face-sitting! Soon she gets her boss tending to her need for having her rosebud licked, but she also gives back with more cock-sucking and balls-licking. Then she kneels on the couch for doggie-style sex as her boss stuffs her box with his meat and prepares her asshole with his thumb, which PussyKat then licks off! She gives her harried boss the cowgirl anal ride that he needs, and that she craves! Then she shoves her tits in his face, blows his dick some more, and finally takes his cream pie right on her quim! Looks like her job review rating is going to be XXXcellent!

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Hungry For Toe

Lounging around on their bed one afternoon, wearing only their bras and pantyhose, girlfriends PussyKat and Athina naturally start to explore their pretty feet and pussies. Athina looks at the Asian French beauty’s feet first, pondering her toes through the sheer black fabric, meanwhile, PussyKat almost immediately starts sucking on Athina’s feet through her hot pink tights! Athina rubs her feet and then her tongue against PussyKat’s box through her fabric crotch. We get some great views of Athina’s butt and PussyKat’s pins and bare soles through her pantyhose. The girls tear their hosiery crotches so they can get closer to their clams, and we watch them get wilder and hungrier every step of the way, until their tights come off completely and the girls can share their toes together…

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Deep In The Saddle

Asian French beauty PussyKat shows us how modern female medical personnel might relieve some of the tensions of the job, by riding a sybian saddle! Dr. PussyKat goes to work on the jutting phallus and rides it with her shaved pussy, which was ready to burst out of her ruffled black rhumba panties. Once she takes off everything but her heels and thigh high sheer black seamed nylon stockings, she settles in with the toy, filling her snatch as she controls the sybian vibrations with the remote handset. But PussyKat is only getting started, as she puts a special thicker attachment on the dildo when she stuffs her ass, and does it with a naughty smile, and then she shows her gape!

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The Honey Heist

PussyKat and Linda Sweet are in a roleplay mood in today’s lesbian video. With her big gun, PussyKat is a notorious bank robber in the Old West and Linda is the rancher’s daughter she grabbed at the First National as a captive during her latest heist. Back at her barn hideout, PussyKat doesn’t have to use force to get Linda to return her affections. These two European pornstars open up their halter tops to suck on their titties and then lower their cut-offs for some tasty girls-eating-pussy action! The girls roll around and finger their pies and Linda even laps at PussyKat ‘s asshole too! Sixty-nine and French tongue-kissing action complete the picture as this turns into a heist where PussyKat ends up with more honey than dollars, but that’s okay!

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Make Me Your Slave Pt.2

The domination of Lindsey Olsen by Mistress PussyKat continues from Part 1, as the slave kneels before her goddess with the whip handle dildo still sticking out of her submissive asshole. Still wearing her black lace blindfold, Lindsey is urged, by a riding crop on the back of her neck, to service her Asian mistress’ pussy and butt crack. Then her wrists are bound with red rope, the whip handle is removed from her bottom, and she’s bent over a glass table for a spanking. But Mistress PussyKat has more delights in store for her little subbie… strap-on delights! She has Lindsey suck her fleshy proxy prick, which juts out from her crotch, and then she fucks the slave in the ass with it both doggie and cowgirl style! Then Lindsey is made to suck the dildo some more. If Lindsey wanted to role-play at submission, she sure gets her fill of it from the gorgeous Mistress PussyKat in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video brimming with spanking and lesbian bondage!

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Make Me Your Slave

In today’s roleplay, Lindsey Olsen plays a girl who loves to do dirty things, but loves to feel submissive as she does them. She likes to be submissive to her partner, and she wants to be told to do naughty things. To this end, she’s invited Mistress PussyKat to take charge of her kinky needs, as you’ll see in this action-packed fetish XXX video. The friendly chit-chat and glass of champagne make Lindsey comfortable (it’s always nerve-wracking for a sub meeting a new dominatrix), but soon the tide turns, as the gorgeous goddess forces Lindsey to drink the champagne at a humiliating pace, then smacks her thighs and even her tongue with a riding crop. It doesn’t take long before Lindsey’s on her knees sucking on Mistress PussyKat’s thumb, licking her shoes, having her eyesight obscured with a black lace blindfold, and then getting her butt whipped as her clothes come off. The domination continues as the glass handle of the whip is crammed into Lindsey’s shaved pussy and then her asshole, as she’s arranged on the couch for spanking. Ultimately, Lindsey is made to crawl as the Asian beauty stands with her high heel on the Olsen ass, claiming her as her property!

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